Cylinder Repairing

Cylinder Repairing

We manufacture Hydraulic N Pneumatic Cylinders. Our Hydraulic cylinders range from Bore 25 x Rod 12 x Stroke10 mm till Bore 330mm x Rod 200 X Stroke 3000 mm, are designed for three pressure ranges- up to 70 bar, 210 bar and 350 bar. Availiable in Variants as single/double acting, single/double ended shaft, high-temperature seals, Telescopic cylinders etc. Special extra-heavy duty and large bore cylinders are also available.

Pneumatic cylinders are available with bores from 10 to 500 mm in any stroke length up to 3500 mm. Pneumatic cylinders made to ISO 6431 standard with bores from 32 to 125 mm are also available. These cylinders are manufactured to a high degree of precision and come with a wide variety of mounting style options.

We manufacture cylinders with the following constructions
  • Tie rod
  • Welded
  • Threaded
  • Bolted
  • Block

The salient features of our Hydraulic Cylinders include
  • Honed Tube : All the tubes are micro honed for superior surface finish with Ra value less than 0.3 microns.
  • Piston rod : En – 8 to En – 353 are ground and hard chrome plated with 25 microns minimum plating thickness.
  • Piston : Single piece design to accommodate low friction seals.
  • End covers : Accurately machined cast iron / mild steel plates.
  • Sealing systems : Low friction seals from standard equipment manufacturer in PTFE,NBR,PU. Giving long life & leak proof performance
  • Guidance systems : Turcite / Phosphor bronze , PEEK, POM,PA ,PTFE bushings to ensure positive guidance.

In addition to the standard hydraulic cylinders, special cylinders to suit the customer's requirement. Double acting cylinders with bores up to 540mm and single acting cylinders with rams up to 1300mm in different configurations are available. We also make special cylinders such as compact-design cylinders for mobile applications, stainless steel rust and leak-proof cylinders for the pharmaceutical and food industry, cylinders for high-temperature furnace applications, servo cylinders, swing clamp cylinders, die lifters, die clamps, etc.

Note : We also offer Repair & Reconditioning of piston cylinders

Our reasonable pricing, after sales service, long lasting performance, and operator friendly design makes us stand out of the crowd.