Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic Presses

We are associated with hydraulics since 40 years Our expertise has bestowed us with the capability to manufacture hydraulic presses suiting our customer’s requirements and specifications. We are in the line of manufacturing Hydraulic Presses to our customer's requirements. We are manufacturing the following type of Presses :
  • Pillar Type
  • 'H' Type
  • 'C' Frame ( Open Throat )
  • Closed body ( Window type )
  • Channel frame type

Our presses range from capacity 1 Tonne to 450 Tonnes. Our Presses can be operated both by hand and by our power packs, i.e., manually, to hydraulic presses, which are operated by our hydraulic power packs. Our presses range from a capacity of 1 tonne to 300 tonnes.

Our team of highly qualified and skilled engineers has constantly come out with several innovations to ensure the efficiency of our hydraulic presses.

The range of our hydraulic presses include
  • 10 – 3000 KN
  • 1-9 daylights
  • Platen size upto 2700 mm X 1500 mm
  • Controlled by computer aided electrical / electronic panels
  • Heating possible by steam / Oil / electric heaters.

Custom – built to customer’s specifications, our hydraulic presses are also highly user friendly. Our strict adherence to Quality Standards ensures flawless performance, at all times. A lot of thought and research also goes into the process of designing our hydraulic presses resulting in a final aesthetically designed system, which blends seamlessly with any industrial environment.