Production Consultant

Production Consultant

A team of Engineers, Technicians dedicated to resolve industrial problems – bottlenecks, supply chain disruption , automation , productivity issues , making efficient machines thereby improving production, using various manufacturing techniques & QC tools like Lean,TQM, PokaYoke, TPM,Kanban Workstudy etc.

Our Out of box thinking addresses the core issue heals the part that pains the most.

Services we offer
  • ISO & TS and other certifications relavent to industry
  • Systematizing / Streamling production lines/operations
  • Resolving design issues of m/c's & moulds for better performance
  • Implementation of best manufacturing practices – Lean, Tqm etc to build a healthy production system in terms of quality, yield & efficiency.
  • Plant layout for better work flow
  • Supply Chain issues / management
  • Planning, forecasting, Inventory management, marketing issues.

We provide efficient systems which cost less , are trouble free, are productive n have long-lasting performance with less operating costs. Some of the work carried by us in past 7-8 years show how we dealt with industrial issues & transformed the whole organization to all new AVTAR. Refer the Case Studies below

Case Study 1: Rubber bonded Steel bowls
  • Implementation of production Engineering Techniques at Avanti Overseas Pvt. Ltd to refine their production system from planning to final packaging resulted in shooting up of production of rubber bonded steel bowls from 4000 pcs to 6000 pcs (approx ) utilizing lesser resources than being utilized in terms of labor, consumables leading to less overall operating cost.
  • While studying there system we found 7-process production line & 2 process parallel production line for molding & compounding section respectively, which was arranged into circular flow pattern for better flow in plant layout.
  • In 7-process line we eliminated / dropped / clubbed 2- processes adding no new machines reducing the line to 5-line process, utilizing existing resources better.
  • Bottlenecks were reduced by monitoring hourly production & using PIS, which also lead to elimination of WIP inventory on shop floor.
  • 2-processes that were dropped resulted in 25 cutting machines out of line & 65 workers were freed / became redundant.
  • In 2-process compounding line we made motorized strip-cutter more efficient by attaching a system does not allow rubber to cling between blades and is automatically released & requires no manual intervention
  • Reverse planning system was introduced to allow better utilization of production capacity.

Case Study 2 : AutoBale Cutter
  • It came into existence while working to resolve the problem where material being cut ( of size 2”x3”) was only 200-250kgs in 12hrs shift that too with difficulties n m/c’s went into breakdown very often . We automated the process & modified some changes in m/c so as to prevent repetitive breakdowns.
  • Our automation resulted in increasing production from 250kgs to 650-700kgs in 12hrs which had excellent control mechanism like laser curtains, pressure switches etc. & monitoring system like counter which made m/c most efficient & preventing it from mishappenings.

Case Study 3 : Feeder system
  • We studied the system to reduce the m/c downtime in moulding section at Trelleborg Automotives Pvt. Ltd due to shortages of feeder materials to moulding .This was done by using bins effectively as basic unit of manufacturing.
  • Here cards were placed along the m/c board for 4-shifts depending on no of bins required per shift and type of feeder material required and was scheduled accordingly

Case Study 4: AutoChopper